What was the inspiration behind GiftZapz?
After struggling year after year to make a Christmas list for my dad, the idea for GiftZapz was born. Every year he requests an exclusive wishlist – one given to him and him alone so as to avoid duplication. However, I didn’t want to give him my 10 best gift ideas and forfeit sharing them with others who may be shopping for me. Instead, I decided to create exactly what I needed – a simple way to gather, store and share the items I actually wanted with those trying to shop for me. This way, I had a list of gift ideas ready for sharing upon request. In doing so, I also created an easy way to share potential presents with friends and family to ensure a gift receipt wouldn’t be needed upon purchase. At the end of the day, I’m only a man (and need all the extra gifting help I can get).

How does the GiftZapz mobile application work?
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Download GiftZapz
  2. Register to create your own personal account
  3. Zap, zap, zap!

With GiftZapz, you have the ability to add any item from any store at any time – making each gifting experience one of your very own creation.

I don’t have an iPhone. Can I still use GiftZapz?
You bet! Visit us at www.giftzapz.com to create your own personalized account and begin search via keyword for items to add to your wishlist. You may also add them manually. From there, you can share items just as you would on the mobile application.

Can I use the website and mobile application?
Absolutely! The mobile application and website sync with one another for your convenience.

Does GiftZapz cost money?
GiiftZapz is downloadable for iPhone free-of-charge, making the art of giving and receiving simple, genuine and affordable for all involved. Faking excitement is a thing of the past.

Can I suggest gifts to people I’m buying for?
Absolutely! As a GiftZapz’er, you have the ability to send items you see in the store to friends or family. If they like it, they can add it to their own wishlist. Unlike other in-store wishlists, our online registry allows you to reserve an item on a gift receiver’s list. Without alerting the receiver that a specific item has been purchased for them, our reservation feature ensures each item will only be purchased once.

What events can I use GiftZapz for?
GiftZapz is the perfect fit for any occasion – Christmas and birthdays to National Dog Day and everything else in between!

I have kids; can I share items for my kids with others?
Absolutely, yes. In fact, I have three boys and we specially created custom “tags” to allow you to add a child or other person’s name and/or an event name and attach it to each gift item. When you share that gift idea with another, the tags carry with it so the gift purchaser can see who would like that particular gift.

Can I use the website and the mobile application?
Yes, the website and the mobile application sync with one another.plagiarism checker for students free

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