eassy writerOnce upon a time in the exotic fictional land of Hohman, Indiana, a bright-eyed boy awoke Christmas morning to a pair of Pepto-Bismol pink pajamas punctuated by bunny ears at the top of his head and the tips of his toes. And thus, GiftZapz was born.

Okay, okay… maybe we skipped a few steps. But we’ve all been there, right? From childhood into adulthood, everyone has received a gift that’s left them sprinting for the nearest ‘Returns & Exchanges’ aisle. Despite the age-old saying ‘you can’t always get what you want’, we at GiftZapz choose to believe differently. You can always get what you want – every occasion, every time.

GiftZapz is a free downloadable wishlist application available for iPhone and online that allows you to create the ultimate wishlist (think wishlist on steroids) for every occasion without the hassle of balancing multiple online registries through different stores or sites. It’s one all-encompassing list in one place that not only allows you to register your wants but to also share it and shop it.

Zap it. Share it. Shop it.

Fully equipped with a barcode scanner, GiftZapz creates a rolling wishlist of items as they come to you throughout the year so you’re prepared for the next big gifting occasion. This list, or a few specific items from it, can be shared at any time with anyone of your choosing – your BFF Jill, dreamy boyfriend Brad or entire immediate family. Once a gift has been purchased from a wishlist, it is removed to avoid duplication. As a gifter, you also have the option of reserving an item and temporarily removing it from a customized wishlist shared with others without notifying the giftee or their other GiftZapz friends. If you’re tired of playing the guessing game with loved ones, zap a few items on over to their accounts for approval – each recipient can accept the new “must-have” by adding it to his/her personal wishlist or kindly decline, making your gifting experience simple and relatively painless.

Download GiftZapz today. Your ‘excited face’ stopped working in 2007.

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