Why GiftZapz?

giftzappz2With the holiday season officially at an end, let’s reflect on the past 2 months. How many people asked you for a holiday wishlist? Did you give the same list to everyone? Of course not! That would mean opening four of the exact same gifts on Christmas morning (and we all know how exciting that is). About as exciting as getting socks for Christmas. Party on, you party animals. So instead, you were forced to make a list for your mom, dad, grandma, mailman, boss, and your cousin, Eunice. What they didn’t know was, forcing you to create lists caused more stress than returning the crappy gifts you got without the list. They were just trying to be kind but you ended up pulling your hair out, just what you DON’T need around the holidays.

This is the struggle that Todd, our founder, has been facing year after year with his family and friends. Each year his father asks for his and his two sons exclusive Christmas list to avoid duplication. Faced with the near-impossible task of creating list upon list of unique, awesome and exclusive Christmas gift lists for his numerous friends and family members, Todd decided to create exactly what we all needed: Giftzapz. Giftzapz is a simple way to gather, store and share items for every gift giving occasion. No matter if the occasion is a birthday, wedding, Bah Mitzvah, anniversary, or your pet goldfish’s first swim, you’ll have a wishlist ready…and the best part? You’ll get exactly what you want. Every time.

Before Giftzapz, Todd and his family struggled like so many of you struggle with getting unwanted gifts (and don’t even get him started on the gift-returning subject. We all know how excruciating those lines are.) By creating Giftzapz, Todd found a way to organize holiday and occasion gift giving. He created an easy way to share potential presents with friends and family to ensure that a gift receipt wouldn’t be needed upon purchase. By creating Giftzapz, he saved the stress of creating a list every time someone asks for one (what an amazing thing!). And if this isn’t enough, Giftzapz gives you the ability to tag specific items, for certain holidays, for certain family members.

feature_3All of us here at Giftzapz know that Todd saved all of our Christmases this year, and his app can make 2015 your best gift-giving year yet. You might actually enjoy it instead of dread it (we know, we are working toward big goals here people). Thanks, Todd! You’re almost as amazing as Santa Claus, except your app brings us cheer all year round!

This sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? A way to de-stress gift giving and a way to share your gift wants with everyone in your life (so they don’t screw up and get you the wrong size again this year). Well, we assure you that Giftzapz is not too good to be true. We are the real deal. All you need to do is download our app, tell your friends and family to download the app, and then Zap it. Share it. Shop it. Your friends can view your list, sort through it, and pick the exact gift for you (one that you’ve technically picked out). See, everybody wins! It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

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