Managing Holiday Stress

Tree ornament-01At this point we are going to assume you have all of your Christmas shopping completed and you have begun the countdown to family togetherness.

There is a reason people jokingly call this the “most stressful time of the year.” It is the travel, family time, busyness and juggling of work and play. Remember, you can spread activities out over a 2 week period. Not everything has to fall on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Here are some tips for managing the holidays and avoiding the crash.

  1. 8 hours at least. If you are tired, you will be cranky and then everyone will be cranky.
  2. Be realistic. You are not going to be able to make everyone happy or be in 2 places at once. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself – in the end you are only creating chaos for yourself. As families grow, traditions change. Choose a few to hold on to and be open to creating new ones.
  3. Say no. No is a powerful word. Let’s practice, shall we?
    1. “No, we won’t be participating in the gift card exchange this year.”
    2. “No, we won’t be able to make both family parties on Christmas, which one is most important for us to be at?”
    3. “Thanks for the invite, but we won’t be able to make it.”
    4. “That fruit cake looks delicious, however I am extremely full.”
  4. 15 minutes. Lock yourself in the bathroom, bedroom or car for 15 minutes and just breathe. Taking 15 minutes for yourself can help avoid any family blow-ups or punching Uncle Earl after one of his many inappropriate jokes.
  5. I know this sounds silly, but stay hydrated. Water will fill you up, keep the headaches at bay and give you an excuse to leave the room (bathroom break). Also, it helps keep sickness away. Combine water with Vitamin C and D to keep energy up and your immune system going.

There is joy in the holidays and sometimes we forget to focus on all the positive because we are overwhelmed with all the responsibilities.

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